Halloween Top Costume of 2000-2014

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Happy Halloween from Jack the Pumpkin King and the lovely Sally

Happy Halloween from Jack the Pumpkin King and the lovely Sally


There’re many costumes out in the world; some are funny, cute, frightful and more.”

In this article you will discover the top costumes from 2000 to 2014. You might be surprised by a few and others you may think to yourself, “Hey, I’ve worn that before.” The rest are just for next Halloween.


The most popular costume for 2000 was Austin Powers, and in 2001 the most popular costume was a beloved movie star that everyone knows and that costume was Harry Potter. If you’re seeking the 2002 costume, look no farther because that costume is Spider-Man. Now I’m betting you’re not surprised by any of these, but you might be surprised by 2003’s which was Captain Jack Sparrow.  The mysteries surrounding the most popular costume of 2004 in your mind shall cease to exist; that costume was Shrek and Fiona. The darkness of the night for top costume of 2005 belongs to the protector of Gotham City, Batman.


He’s cute, he’s fluffy and he danced his way into your heart – Mumble from “Happy Feet” stole the spot light as 2006’s top Halloween costume. 2007’s leader was the almighty King Leonidas from “300” -taking the thrown for 2007. This may stun your mind, 2008’s top three costumes came in a tie for first place, and those costumes were Sarah Palin, John McCain, & The Joker. He’s a mysterious creature from ancient times seeking his one true love; she’s a young teen who just wants to fit in at her new school. From the popular movie “Twilight,” Edward Cullen & Bella Swan take the win for 2009’s top costumes.

Now we are getting to the true treasure of 2014, but not so fast. We still have 2010’s mystery eye opener. Along with 2011’s group of winners, then we shall ride through the dark night to reveal 2012’s. Forgetting to tell you the 2013 top costume would just be a cruel trick on you, wouldn’t it? No tricks here, only treats, so I’ll treat you to a final gift the for 2014 costume making its mystical appearance. Now let’s go down the “Rabbit-Hole” once more to reveal 2010’s top costume place taker which was the young little girl who ate the cake that made her grow and a drink that made her shrink – Alice from Wonderland. Once again, three costumes come in a tie for first place for 2011. This time one was a women everyone knows – Amy Winehouse, a young man named Steve Jobs, and a creature known for beauty and grace – the Black Swan. Peek-a-boo, 2012’s top costume sees you. Can you guess who she and he are? Well, I’ll tell you they’re a witch and a warlock.

Now on to 2013’s treat as I promised; everyone knows them;  they have their faces in all the magazines. 2013’s win were all the pop stars from our decade.  Now to put the rest of the knowledge candy into your mind bowl to seal this article up.  2014’s top Halloween costumes,  forming a frozen bridge to cascade their way as the top female costumes, they are Elsa and Anna from Frozen.