Mr. P, the Coolest Counselor


Franklin Jager, Contributor

Mr. P, as he is called at Newfield High School, is always in the hallways between classes talking with students about college and where they want to go in life.  He always takes time for his students and works to make them feel better in our school district.  He also helps them get jobs both during high school and after.  

A little background on Rick Pawlewicz.  He went to Fulton School District. When he was in high school, Rick Pawlewicz used to have a job in a grocery store. In school, Mr. P would participate in clubs. Rick Pawlewicz used to play sports in school. Fun fact, Mr. P met his wife, Jennifer, at their high school prom while he was doing the YMCA and it was, in his words, “Love at first sight.”

After graduating high school, Mr. Pawlewicz wasn’t sure if he wanted to become a school counselor.  He attended St. Lawrence University While working at Ithaca College, he was a coach of a wrestling team.

For more than 20 years, Mr. P has been Newfield’s school counselor. Mr.P is more of a small school guy so he works here.  He has won many awards and has had a terrific effect on Newfield students. Personally, he told a story about when he first met me.  He came over to the elementary and I gave him a big hug, but it was meatball sub day and I ruined one of his good dress shirts with a smudge of tomato sauce. Mr. P is the kindest school counselor students could have.