A True Inspiration

A True Inspiration

Hannah Watros, Contributor

Fallon Taylor is an entrepreneur in every sense of the word. She’s a professional athlete, business owner, coach and a public speaker. She has developed a name for herself and is known around the country for numerous things.

Fallon Taylor is the youngest child of Shelton and Dian Taylor. Originally from Tampa, Florida, Fallon developed a love for the rodeo industry and soon after her family moved to Texas. At the very young age of 8, Fallon joined the Women’s Professional Rodeo Association. She qualified for her first NFR at just 13. Fallon received her first big check at the age of 14 at the world’s largest rodeo, Rodeo Houston. She received $15,000 for her winnings. At the age of 16 she shifted her focus to acting and modeling which she excelled in. Though she flourished in the entertainment industry, she continued to be involved with horses and trained on the side.

In 2009, Fallon was working on one of her side jobs, horse training, and got into a very serious accident. “He was snapping and kicking. He reared up and fractured my skull in four places. I picked a spot to land and tried to get off – terrible idea. When I did, he kicked my feet and I went 12 feet in the air and landed straight on my head,” said Taylor. Fallon ended up breaking four different areas of her skull, broke many bones on the right side of her face and fractured her c-2 vertebrae. The doctors told her family that she had a 2% chance of ever walking again. She worked extremely hard to not only be able to walk again, but to ride also. At the age of 31, Fallon returned to the rodeo scene.

As of 2016, Fallon had a total $903,657 in earnings solely from her barrel racing career. Today, Fallon has her own clothing line, countless horse tack items, her own lash line and a partnership with Troxel Helmets. She continues to tell people about her healthy lifestyle and coaches people how to do better for their body. Fallon is a published author and inspires people daily how to live life to the fullest.