Triathlon for the Best

Triathlon for the Best

Hannah Watros, Contributor

Many horse people are into horses for the rush of adrenaline you get when riding. For those that are real thrill seekers and prefer to ride on the english side of the sport, there is eventing. Eventing is extremely competitive and high stakes sport that many people and horses alike absolutely love. It combines different concepts of riding and really challenges the horse and rider to work as one and become a true team.

Eventing is a sport where one team, one horse and one rider, compete against numerous other teams. Eventing is a combination of three main events. It includes dressage, cross-country and show jumping. Typically the event spans across three days but is known to last between one and four. Each aspect of the event is separated. Generally a team will compete in dressage the first day. The second day is filled with cross-country. The final day is all about show jumping.

The first aspect of the event is dressage. Dressage is described to be a dance between horse and rider. “Dressage is the art of putting one crooked body on top of another crooked body and making them both straight,” said Richard Weis, dressage technique instructor. Dressage tests for balance, rhythm and suppleness, but most importantly the ability of horse and rider to work together. The cross-country part of eventing requires the team to be extremely brave and trustworthy. This part is done on a course that implements various different obstacles. This section is timed. The final test, show jumping, is done inside a ring and consists of 12-20 fences.

Eventing is an equestrians equivalent to a triathlon. It is incredibly physically and mentally demanding. The team that connects the best together is the team that wins the most in the end. Eventing is a truly invigorating sport.