The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead

Joshua Ketter, contributor

What was only supposed to be a one season show, The Walking Dead has shown that the show won’t die.  The show was based on a comic book series but has since outgrown the original comic book material.  The show has become its own entity.  It keeps going and unraveling new story lines along the way. 

It’s not the kind of show for young kids because there are some pretty graphic scenes.  While the past few seasons have been slow, things this season have been ramping back up again.  Fans seem to like that the show always has a major surprise right around the corner.  Not only do the zombies (called walkers on the show) keep viewers on the edge of their seat, so too does the story line.   

This past season is a good example.   Early in the season one of the surviving groups was surrounded by a herd of walkers that was being paraded around by people dressed as the undead.  A group of walkers and the people dressed as the undead ambushed the survivors.  They were fighting in a graveyard when out of nowhere one of the walkers turned out to be a human.  He stabbed and killed Jesus (one of the stars of the show).  With the death of Jesus the surviving groups have become very agitated and hostile towards walkers and the people with them. 

In addition to killing off one of the shows stars the leader of the “Whisperers” group has a daughter who fell in love with the son of one of the “Coalition” groups leaders.  Kicking off a family feud along the lines of Romeo and Juliet fueled by the betrayal of the daughter.