New Coworkers Incredible Seasons

New Coworkers Incredible Seasons

Hailey Laue, Contributor

This is what the show N.C.I.S. is mostly about. N.C.I.S. stands for Naval Criminal Investigative Service; if you have an interest in law enforcement, F.B.I., or the C.I.A. this show is for you! 

There are sixteen seasons in the show itself. And in this upcoming year the seventeenth season is coming out. The show is based in Washington D.C. The show is a good representation of life in law enforcement in real life. It shows you the struggle of losing a coworker or part of your family and how you can’t let it affect your job. But there is always was that it effect how you are working in the field especially for catching the guy that made you have to lose a part of your family.  

In the show they it also show the audience that’s watching the process of crime scenes and how they work, what autopsy reports can show, how they interrogate potential witnesses or suspects, how they have to go on special undercover missions, and how they figure out leads to the case, and it also show how even in a job like that you can have a family outside of work 

The only down fall in the show is that the people that they catch and get them locked away gets angry. When the criminals they catch get sent to prison they find ways to escape or they wait out their prison sentence they find ways to get revenge on the N.C.I.S. team that busted them. A team in the show can range from 4 to 6 people that go out in the field and then everyone else stays in the headquarter building. 

In the show there has been 50 main characters. Some of them were killed off and others left the show for various reasons.