Identical Review

Identical Review

Kylee Reed, Contributor

Identical written by Ellen Hopkins is a Contemporary Fiction Novel. This novel was published August 26, 2008. Identical is written in verse and has 576 pages. That means the novel has stanzas or other parts of poetry. “The way the novel is written cannot help but capture your attention also. Each page is a poem with the title forming part of the first line” (Wanda Johnson). This book is Ellen Hopkins fifth book and it made New York Times Best sellers list. 

Identical twins Kaeleigh and Raeanne live in a very nice house with their mother and father. In spite of the cheerful appearances the family is hiding behind their lies. A car accident caused a fault between their parents. Kaeleigh and Raeanne’s mother is always gone and their father turns his drunken attentions to Kaeleigh. Raeanne keeps pushing her limits, whether it’s alcohol, sex, or drugs. 

This novel is about abused, selfdestructive teens. Topics like bulimia and cutting are brought up in the story. Identical faces the problems of “identity” and what it means to be solely unique. Ellen Hopkins deals with real issues that people struggle with every day. She talks about topics that people don’t want to talk about. The novel’s twist, while shocking, veers into soap opera territory. 

This novel is a highly recommended read. Her books are realistic and informative for teens and it shines light on the problems many face. Ellen Hopkins deals with real issues that people struggle with every day.