Hannah Watros, Contributor

Riverdale broke out into the TV world in 2017. The CW produced the american teen drama series based on the Archie Comics comic books written by John L. Goldwater. The show focuses on the stories of many characters within the comics.  Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa includes a modern day twist in the plot while still keeping the iconic 1950s and 1960s vibes.

The show offers an array of actors and actresses from all over the world. While incorporating well known actors, such as Cole Sprouse, the show also brings on many new faces to television. KJ Apa has greatly benefited off the shows popularity. KJ is a New Zealand actor who has gained a ginormous fan base because of the show. Due to the fact that the show has so many diverse characters, the fan base ranges in all ages. Actors, such as Cole Sprouse and Venessa Morgan, who both starred on popular Disney shows attract teens and people in their twenties. Other actors like Luke Perry and Skeet Ulrich attract those from a different time period.

The storyline is reimagined from the original comics and expands into the lives of each character in an incredibly eerie way. The relationships between the characters become oddly relatable for people of all ages. The daring lives of those who live in Riverdale become addictive for viewers. The shows brings sexual harassment, bullying and abuse to light. The show goes above and beyond to include diverse characters unlike the comics.  

Riverdale’s producers have reimagined the comics to fit into today’s society while still holding onto the original vibe the comics had. While continuing to show the ideal 1950s american dream they include the technology and views most people have today. Riverdale is incredibly popular.