Blake Shelton’s New Single “God’s Country”


Rayin Rumsey, Contributer

Blake Shelton just released a new single called “God’s Country” back in April of 2019. Blake Shelton wrote this song on Jan. 7 of this year. This song has been out for a good amount of time and has climbed itself to the top.  

It was not long before this song hit the charts and took off. They did not take long to record the song and they got it right out. Blake first wanted to see if it would get any bites on the song so it would be a good one. Blake wanted to make the song for himself if it would not take off. He said that it would fit him. Blake really pushed for this song to go out. He tried getting it right out. Blake even said, I know it’s happened faster, but in my career, that’s as fast as I’ve ever had something come through. It’s crazy.” Blake had really wanted this song to take off.  

Blake believes that the song “God’s Country” is a state of mind. Blake believes that this song “pays homage to the country way of life in his new song.” Blake had really put effort into making this song. Blake worked with a couple of other song writers which were Devin Dawson and one other artist. They both succeeded in making this song. Blake’s song “God’s Country” has made the top ten in the first couple weeks of it being out. Blake made this song with pride along with help from producers and such.