COVID Safety in Newfield High School

Isabelle Schooley, Contributor

In these uncertain times, the administration and faculty knows that the safety of our students and staff is the primary concern, and therefore have taken numerous measures to help ensure the safety of our Newfield Trojans.

In addition to creating a brand new schedule of separate cohorts for the students to follow, Newfield has also made it imperative that its students and staff follow social distancing and mask guidelines. They have also introduced new forms of water fountains, used to fill up bottles, which are located throughout the school. The office has also recently implemented the use of plastic germ guards to help prevent any spread of COVID-19. 

Even with these unprecedented times, our Newfield administration is continuing to follow any health guidelines published by the CDC as they make crucial decisions in regards to sports and extracurricular activities. Our priority is safety, but we believe that school should be a healthy, safe, and fun place for our students to be in. To hear the latest updates, look for the Announcements on the Newfield Central Schools website. There, you can find links to join virtual Board of Education meetings and access any new information provided to us from the state and/or district. 

With the unpredictable changes that have been coming our way, the Newfield administration knows how essential safety is for everybody involved, and will continue to do their very best in providing a safe, positive experience for our students and staff.