Trojan Games

Aiden Gaydos, Contributor

With many schools in our area having to operate virtually, Newfield students are very grateful to be able to attend in-school classes. It means a lot to be able to see peers in the hallways and to have face- to- face communication with teachers. With this, however, comes limits. Newfield students are not able to participate in their normal sports seasons with practices and games. Students have been yearning to get back to their various teams ever since the spring season was cut short last year.

This year has brought many new challenges and along with them new ideas. In order to let students still have fun and to show that we can follow guidelines, many coaches and staff helped out to create the first annual Trojan Games on October 22nd. Over 50 students registered for the event and there was a wide range of grades. One student, Dylan Zifchock from twelfth grade said, “I think the Trojan Games were good for students because we haven’t been able to play sports for months now and it gave us the opportunity to get out and do what we love.” Another avid athlete, Ulric Claar who is a freshman expressed his thoughts about the event, “I thought it was a really great way to get students back into, and excited about sports again.”

Students were able to compete in the activities of six different sports: football, basketball, volleyball, baseball, track, and soccer. Hopefully the Trojan Games were enough to tide students over, as Helena Griffin, an eleventh grader said, “I missed having sports since they’re such a big part of my life usually, and I can’t wait until we can start the seasons.”