Is Your Mind Set?

Aiden Gaydos, Contributor

The words you say to yourself have a bigger impact than you think. Each thought doesn’t carry a ton of sway on your beliefs, however, repeated thoughts create your mindset and what you believe to be your limits. Many people will accept that in sports your mindset is everything, visualization is so widespread and being in the zone is important. Why don’t people see everything in the same way?

If you keep thinking the same things day after day they pick up momentum, making it harder to stop. The world brings us so many contrasting events and ideas that we react so easily to our surroundings, unconsciously forming patterns with greater and greater inertia. This is the classic idea of how our society and culture shapes our beliefs, seeing high beauty standards time after time creates thoughts about yourself that can make you feel bad, no matter what you look like. Consciously catching what you think about before it gains too much momentum and redirecting your focus on better feeling thoughts is the best way to stop these negative beliefs. That’s great for the future, but what about the present? What about patterns of thought you have now? There are plenty of times in the day when you step out of negative ways of thinking. Each morning when you wake up you are a blank slate, ready to focus on whatever you let yourself. Most people quickly end up thinking about what is frustrating in their life right now. This unique moment gives you an opportunity to plant new seeds, start new patterns, ones that feel good and inspire. Meditation is just the same, quieting your mind to stop the thoughts pulling you in each direction, giving you control of how you want to think. Mentally riling yourself up for a big test can be just as effective as for a big game. Bringing this mentality to each part of your life, over time, compounds into you looking back on your old beliefs and self and seeing how much you have changed.