2016-2017 Staff

Brad Chrisman


My name is Brad. I enjoy playing the trumpet. I enjoy video games and I enjoy spending time with family...

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Mark Westberry


My name is Mark and I enjoy playing baseball. I have a three-year-old little sister that I love to hang...

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Dylon Wylie


I am Dylon Wylie and I'm a proud supporter of Patrick Banfield. I like to play league of legends and...

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Abigail Teeter


My picture is of my sister Keturah and I at Second Wind Cottages located by Guides Colossian on Route...

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Senica Moseley


My name is Senica Moseley, and no I'm not named after a lake. I love music, singing, playing guitar,...

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Destani Ketter


My name is Destani and it's pronounced the way it's normally spelled. I plan on becoming a history teacher...

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Patrick Banfield


Starting player for Varsity Newfield Boys Basketball and Plus size hand model. I want my Mom to know...

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