Matthew Tibbals
My name is Matthew Tibbals. I am very close to my family and I usually enjoy spending time with them. Most of the stuff I do I try to take seriously, both in and out of school. In school, I am a very bright student. Outside of school most of my time tends to be taken up by archery. During the summer I rarely have a weekend where I don’t have plans to shoot or don’t have a national level archery shoot. It is hard for me to be involved in the community around the school since I live further away than most people. On the national archery level, I have a very good chance of going pro in my career. Going pro in archery would be one of my lifelong dreams and I would be very happy and proud to have made it there. But what I value the most in life is just overall being a respectful and sympathetic person.

Matthew Tibbals, Writer

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Matthew Tibbals